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Our mission is to establish a global movement to restore the balance on Earth by planting one billion mangrove trees before 2030. We have successfully planted 100 million mangrove trees with our local partners across various countries using AI tree-planting drones, as well as NASA and ESA satellites.
Ecofriend World provides sustainability consultancy services to individuals, businesses, and public organisations to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies while implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our team consists of international experts and global ambassadors with extensive experience working with Governments, IGOs, NGOs, and the Private Sector, implementing projects in Asia, Africa, and South America. We produce economically viable projects that directly reduce rural poverty, generate productive, sustainable livelihoods, and address climate change.

The Birth of Ecofriend World

Ecofriend World was born on board the Celebrity Equinox on 25 April 2016 after Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh had delivered 7 action oriented Beyond the Podium lectures to the passengers sharing the different ecosystem restoration projects that he was working with, while crossing the Atlantic from the US to Spain via Portugal. The final working group meeting was held on Team Earth Deck 7 of the ship with 3 Teams (Water, Energy and Food) that were created after the lectures for measuring the CO2 emissions of the ship and the impact of the waste generated by the 3000 passengers on fragile marine ecosystems during the crossing. Ecofriend World was created to engage the Green Responsible Cruisers of the Celebrity Equinox to go Beyond the Sea and plant trees in marine ecosystem restoration projects like the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks started by Dr. Arne Fjortoft who is the Secretary General of Worldview International Foundation that has been working in the Delta Region of Myanmar since 2012.
Meet Our Team
Our team is committed to restoring the balance on earth by actively engaging with change makers and bridge builders globally to create our Ecofriend World and plant one billion mangrove trees at the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks in the Delta Region of Myanmar!
Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh

Founder & CEO

Carlos Navarro Martinez

Chief Operating Officer

Romel Ahmed

Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Our Advisers
Our advisers are committed to providing our team with valuable feedback and support and creating strong networks and strategic partnerships with individuals and organisations to join forces with us in planting one billion mangrove trees at the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks in the Delta Region of Myanmar!

Sarah Begum

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical, Sarah Begum is an Immersive Investigative Journalist, Anthropologist-Explorer and Public Speaker. Sarah has been exploring the world, studying tribes and different ways of life whilst investigating current affairs and making a humanitarian effort to help people along the way through her work. As the new world emerges towards a sustainable future, Sarah’s renewed mission focuses on projects that aim to make the world a better place and to explore beyond it as her exploration launches her into the world of aviation and space.

In 2010, Sarah travelled deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, where she lived with the Huaorani tribe and immersed in their way of life, hunting with warriors, gathering with women whilst investigating into the impacts of oil exploitation on their land. Sarah became the youngest person to make a first film in the Amazon jungle at the age of 21 with a premiere of “Amazon Souls” held at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The film has been endorsed by rainforest charities Sky Rainforest Rescue, Rainforest Alliance, celebrity Adventurer Bear Grylls and has released on various platforms worldwide.

Sarah’s achievements include winning the “Spirit of Adventure Award” from the Captain Scott Society 2014 for her next big expedition, “Life In The Darien Gap”, shortlisted by the SES (Scientific Exploration Society) Explorer of the year Award 2014, Finalist of the National Geographic Explorer Award, Finalist of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Award 2014, highly commended by The Adventure Fund in association with Sidetracked magazine. Sarah’s photography aired on the Discovery Channel of a photo she took with a woman from the Berber tribe who adopted her in the Atlas Mountains. Sarah has investigated into the mafia system in rural Sicily and how it has changed since the anti-mafia movement. To learn more about the amazing Sarah Begum, check out her official website. https://sarahbegum.tv/

Keith Milo 

Keith Milo, the gifted music prodigy, hails from Dallas, Texas. At an early age, he was passionate about singing and learned to play several instruments. He polished his natural God-Given talents while studying at prestigious music institutions, including the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston with famed alumni such as Quincy Jones and John Mayer, emerging as a multi-dimensional musician, composer, producer, singer-songwriter, dancer, director, and actor in his own right. Majoring in Music Business and Songwriting gave him the skillset to excel as a global entrepreneur creating exciting ventures worldwide.

During the quarantine lockdown, Keith produced his latest song and music video, OASIS. On trumpet was his fellow Berklee colleague, famed Arnetta Johnson, who has toured and played with Beyoncé. He teamed up with Sustainable Fashion Designers Inoe Vargas and Xavier Othon, who used recycled materials to create avant-garde custom designs for the Oasis video. Othon has worked with Aaliyah, Apollonia, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Cher, DMX, Madonna, Prince, Ricky Martin, and Slash, to name a few. Together, they designed his wardrobe utilizing rich velvets, intricate metals, heavy chains, pearls, and Elements of Swarovski crystal pieces.

While learning and designing fashion, he began thinking about where products were sourced and wondered if they were made ethically. His goal is to raise awareness so that brands and consumers alike will ponder if the products destroy or restore the environment. A true humanitarian at heart and his own experience being homeless inspire Keith to spread his dynamic charisma, style, soul, and support to those less fortunate throughout the world.

Milo’s mission is to inspire humanity through music and dance to join his movement to plant millions of miracle mangrove trees during the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration to help restore the balance on Earth. He aims to educate the masses on the importance of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), eco-friendly practices, ethical supply chains, and reducing the carbon footprint. Keith aims to continue his initiatives promoting human rights, sustainable and ethical solutions to restore the planet, giving hope to the hopeless with practical, easy, real-life solutions. To learn more about the phenomenal Keith Milo, check out his official website. www.keithmilo.com

Angelica Lopez 

Sensational Latin songstress, Angelica Lopez, releases her protest song, ‘New Gold’. Urging the world to protect their home and undo the mess that humans have caused upon the Earth, Lopez pairs latin infused guitar riffs with magnificent vocals to call on the inhabitants of the planet to do something to help the wounded Earth. Recorded with her Colombian roots in mind, ‘New Gold’ showcases the sounds of her gorgeous homeland, using instruments such as the gaita, Vallenato accordion and the cumbia maracas – representing her heritage and history as a Colombian native.

At the young age of 17, Angelica Lopez began her musical career singing different styles of music such as rancheras, tropical, salsa, boleros and folkloric – amongst other versatile styles. A huge collection of projects under her belt, Lopez takes her listeners on journeys through mature themes, utilising a more contemporary sound, sitting in the areas between rock and funk. Lopez always stays true to her roots, and at her concerts you can appreciate rhythms that are influenced with heritage, tradition and Afro-Colombian richness, as well as sounds more inspired by Pop, Rock and Urban genres. To learn more about the talented Angelica Lopez, check out her official website. https://www.angelicalopez.co/

Florence Kollie Raja

Florence Kollie Raja is the founder and director of Ethical Era. Kollie Raja is the creator of the 2030 Positive Planet Agenda: “mapping sustainability” concept and “sustainability metrics standardisation proposal”. Kollie Raja came to the sustainability sector via her public sector work where she worked with the UK Parliament, European Parliament and Local Government for a decade. Kollie Raja has a deep knowledge of the political landscape (national and international) and extensive experience working with policymakers. Kollie Raja has in the past been shortlisted for Red Magazine Women of the year award – Political Category. Kollie Raja additionally spent a decade plus working in Business Development in the Finance & Consulting Sector working for companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs and M&G Real Estate specialising in Alternative Assets within Asset Management.

Kollie Raja also has experience in strategy and leadership of external and internal restructuring projects, rebranding and repositioning strategy and change management strategy. Having originally trained as a ballet dancer before university studies, Kollie Raja has a strong passion for the Arts Sector and sits on various arts and creative industries related boards with a deep understanding of performing arts. Kollie Raja to date has worked across five industries during the tenure of her career and has first hand international experience having lived in Africa, Eastern Europe (Russia/Ukraine) and the UK. To learn more about the dynamic Florence Kollie Raja , check out her official website. http://ethicalera.co.uk/

What People Say About Us

I am delighted to add my support to ecofriend and their crusade to reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees in the most affected areas. It is rewarding and inspiring to see communities working together to make a measurable difference to our planet.

We know that most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated — and much of the carbon dioxide is taken up — by mangroves, marshes, seagrasses, and algae in the ocean. Now more than ever, mangrove restoration projects such as those led by ecofriend are critical in the race to keep intact the natural systems that support life on the planet.

In a world where many people appear bent on the destruction, pollution and decimation of nature, how thrilling it is to know that ecofriend has planted, and will plant, millions of trees to restore a balance. Without trees, without balance, the world will not only be bereft of beauty but of the life trees bring to the environment, and the shelter and refuge they provide for wild creatures. I hope ecofriend’s example will inspire people all over the world.

Mother nature has taken care of us. Let’s take care of her in return by reducing the CO2 that we’re emitting everyday. It’s simple. Whenever you fly, you can donate and plant some trees with ecofriend! I’m in. And I want you to be part of the project too. As a girl from Myanmar, I would also love to invite you to come to see the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park!

Ah MoonSinger-Songwriter
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